About This Site

This is a WebApp designed to be used on the iPhone and the iPod Touch that let's users search for UK train times. It also lets you save your journey details for access without an internet connection, just in case you forget that journey time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get the train times from?
The train times are retrieved directly from National Rail Enquiries so you can be sure that the data is as accurate as it gets!

So why wouldn't I just use one the national rail site?
Our site simply provides a nicer interface for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Why can't I search for trains going via places, and return journeys?
We wanted to keep it simple for the simple interface on the phone, if you want a more complex search you should stick with the official site.

The station location feature didn't work!
Check it happens more than once, and if it does e-mail us at iphone@themacbox.co.uk and tell us which station failed for you.

I found a bug, who should I contact?
You can e-mail us at iphone@themacbox.co.uk with any bug reports, constructive comments, praise, etc.

Can I use the site on a normal computer?
Yes feel free, but it will most likely only render correctly in the Safari web browser.